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So many devices to review So little time!

Welcome to Intelligent Tech Support Inc

Written by Jordan Norrbohm

My name is Jordan and I am the Owner of Intelligent Tech Support Inc. My passion has always been working with technology and helping others. So I created my company in order to help people learn and understand the devices they use on a daily basis. I wanted a fun and educational space where I can write articles and record videos to help others get ahead of this race we call the digital age.

The Mission... ITS Studio

In order for this idea to grow I created a YouTube Channel that I will upload weekly new product reviews, tech upgrades, PC builds, and Car reviews. Along with video blogs about how and where the company is going. I will also throw in some antics that might gather a chuckle. My mission will be to create a Studio full of passionate people to create content and entertainment for all who want to learn about Tech.

Why not Join?

Being able to share my passion and understanding of technology has been a dream of mine and I cannot wait to see it grow. I will see you on the next article or video!

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